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Who are we and why us?

LTS delivers industry leading security solutions and value-added services in video surveillance with a full line of CCTV, access control, burglar/fire alarms, cabling and more. Our nationwide locations provide immediate shipping, same-day pickup and timely delivery. We focus on quality products, quality customer support, bringing you only what you expect. With our fully committed product management team and marketing, we ensure your voice is heard, and only provide what you demand. With our achieved, industry driven sales and technical support team, 10 out of 10 customers comment that LTS helps achieve what most other companies cannot. Support, we are with you 100% of the way, end to end on any security project needs. Speak with a local branch representative today and experience why LTS has pride in its customer service. We are dedicated to make your business easier.

How to sign up?

First, open the sign in page in your browser: https://www.ltsmall.com/login
Second, click the "sign up" button, choose the account type of yourself.
At last, fill out the online form below and click the "Submit for Approval" button. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Please note:

(1) E-mail: If you receive an “Email already exists!” notification, it means you already have an LTS Mall account. Please sign in here: https://www.ltsmall.com/login

(2) Business phone: Please fill in your business phone. The business phone should never be registered before.

(3) Zip Code: Please fill in the Zip code, then our system will pull the city, state and country from Google automatically.

How to sign in?

If you are already an LTS customer, we might already have migrated your account to LTS Mall. 

Please open this page in your browser https://www.ltsmall.com/login

Please note: 

If the default password doesn't work or you forgot your password, please retrieve your password here:https://www.ltsmall.com/forget_password 

If you don't have an account at LTS online mall, you have to sign up a new account.If you are a business account, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=customer If you are an end user, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=endUser

If you don't know you are an existing LTS customer and you don't know your login ID, you may send an email to customer.service@ltsmall.com Please include your company name and LTS customer ID in your email.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

First, open the Retrieve My Password page in your browser: https://www.ltsmall.com/forget_password 

Second, type in your login email address, and then click the "Send Code" button. Type in the verification code received in your email inbox, as well as the new password twice.

At last, click the "Reset Password" button at the end of the page. 

Please note: If you have any trouble in resetting your password, please feel free to contact customer.service@ltsmall.com

How to modify my password?

First, you need to login to change your password. You may log in from here: https://www.ltsmall.com/login
Once you've logged in, open this link to change your password: https://www.ltsmall.com/console/password

How do I place an order online?

First of all, only the authorized LTS distributors or installers are able to place orders online. 

If you are not authorized yet, you need to register first. If you are a business account, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=customer

If you are an end user, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=endUser

If you are an existing LTS customer with an online account, please sign in to view prices:https://www.ltsmall.com/login

Second, if you see anything you need, click the "Add to Cart" button.

Third, click the “View Cart” button at the pop-up window.

Make sure all you want to buy has been in your shopping cart before you click the “Check Out” button. If you want to buy more products, click the “Continue Shopping” button. Once you clicked the “Check Out” button, you will be lead to the Order Confirmation page. This is where you confirm your shipping method, packing type, and all kinds of charges.

Click the "Place Order” button to get to the payment step. Choose your preferred payment method and click "Pay" to complete. We support major credit cards including but not limited to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you'd like to pay with credit card, which most of our customers do, please type in your credit card info in the pop-up window, and then click “Confirm”.

When you have another pop-up window which informs you your orders has been received on your page that means your transaction has been completed. Order number and shipping details will be shown on it.

Another cool feature which LTS Mall offers is to view history orders and even quickly re-order. Simply open this link in your browser to view them all: https://www.ltsmall.com/console/order_list

Why can't I see product price?

LTS only sells to authorized LTS distributors and installers. We do not sell directly to end users. If you'd like to become an authorized LTS distributor / installer, you need to register first.If you are a business account, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=customer If you are an end user, you need to sign up here: https://www.ltsmall.com/signup?type=endUser

How to change my login E-mail?

Sometimes, people change their email address, or the staff who owns the login email has left the company. In this case, you may need to change your login email.
First, sign in here: https://www.ltsmall.com/login
Second, open this link in your browser: https://www.ltsmall.com/console/email
Follow the steps to change your login email. If you have any trouble in changing the login email, please feel free to contact customer.service@ltsmall.com

What is the process for tax exempts?

Please send your tax exemption certificates via email to your assigned sales rep and we will remove sales tax from your order! You may find your sales representative's contact information here (you signed in first): https://www.ltsmall.com/call If your order has already been processed, send the tax exemption certificates anyway and we will refund the amount that should have been exempted.

Where can I download product firmware?

Product firmware can be downloaded here: https://www.ltsecurityinc.com/downloads

How to contact my sales?

Customer service is key to LTS. When you shop on LTS Mall, each customer has a designated sales to meet any online shopping need which you may have. Simply open this link to find your sales rep: https://www.ltsmall.com/call

How to view my history orders and re-order?

First, please make sure you have logged in to LTS Mall. Here's the login page: https://www.ltsmall.com/login 

Once you are logged in, open this page in your browser: https://www.ltsmall.com/console/order_list 

Now you are able to to view history orders or even quickly re-order!