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LTAH103C,POS IP Server (Point of Sales)

POS IP Server
    • 100M High Speed Ethernet card
    • 10/100M Auto Detect Interface
    • Support for AUTO MDI/MDIX, Can Use a Crossover Cable or Parallel Cable Connection 
    • RS232 Baud Rate Can Set up From 300 to 256000
    • Working Modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, UDP Server 
    • Virtual serial port supported
    •  Across the gateway, Across switches, routers
    • Can work in LAN, also can work on the Internet (external network)
    • Working Port, Destination IP address and port can be easily set up
    • Automatically connection to ensure a reliable network to establish the TCP connection
    • RS232,45 feet; Ethernet cable 600 feet (after the switches together through the Internet, no distance limit)